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Introducing mEngage

Revolutionary Single Dashboard with access to rich customer profiles, allows restaurateurs to engage customers, launch precise and targeted campaigns, drive ROI and improve customer experience

Intelligent Marketing
Intelligent Marketing
Customer Profile
Customer Profile
Mobile-Web Engagement
Mobile-Web Engagement
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Notification Center
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

How mEngage works

mEngage helps capture a customer's journey with the brand.

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David makes a reservation at Lotus grill Restaurant. mEngage captures his reservation details and past profile.


David orders food for delivery/takeaway and mEngage captures his food preferences and location data.

Make an order

David shares his feedback and mEngage captures his ratings, comments and other data points for future engagement.


David receives a targeted campaign with an offer to join for a wine tasting session.
David shares his offer & feedback on social platform, which shows high social activity.

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